The confinement is still on, and a new reality is looming on the horizon. While we are waiting for the unknown to happen, the state of mind opens up perspectives on the present, past and future. It is this moment that Filmlab wants to capture for the time after by asking renown Palestinian filmmakers to let us into their worlds, their thoughts and perhaps also their anger or fears. As such, the films will represent other voices that will express feelings and experiences. Stories that people can recognise, stories that can inspire stories that can enlighten and challenge. These voices from Palestine giving personal testimonies of a moment that each individual has experienced on their own, but simultaneously speaks to a feeling understood worldwide.


By Laila Abbas

In times of lockdown, try not to sit on your glasses. Life is already blurry enough. And in Palestine,

there's always something else going on.

Lifting The Mask

By Najwa Najjar

As COVID-19 blinds the world and people hide behind their masks “Lifting the Mask” uncovers the reality on the ground, as Israel prepares to annex more Palestinian land this time using the pandemic as a cover.


By Bilal Alkhatib

Shots that takes us from the ordinary friendly 

reality to a world of isolation, perplexity, and fear

To a mysterious, unfamiliar, and unknown worlds.

The End Is Here

By Ihab Jadallah

Lockdown, social distancing, strictly controlled neighborhoods, behind the scenes of this epidemic,
a plan conceived long ago is being put in practice.

(a) live

By Annemarie Jacir

"(a) live" is a montage of moments taken from live videos of well-known Palestinian artists in home isolation and their struggle with a changing world, with technology, and with finding ways to connect to others.

Between Me and You

By Majdi El-Omari

Between Me and You, like a journey of a day. With the help of others, a filmmaker/teacher gathers the strength and perseverance to rediscover the link he’s lost with the outer world in the effects of a quarantine.


By Maha Haj

Locked down with "Eva" in Nakba Anniversary.

One Step Backwards.. Two Steps Forward

By Dima Abu Ghosh

Suddenly you discover how wonderful your restricted freedom is, how scary it is that an unknown danger surrounds you, and how fragile and beautiful this life is.

The Echo Chamber

By Mohamed Harb

A surveillance camera in the corner of the room. In one side the camera observes the days of the artists, and in the other side it observes the news of the world through the T.V screen that’s broadcasting the latest news about the Coronavirus crisis. Documented by the artist who assembled and edited the footage in a contemporary artwork to illustrate the love to survive.

While We Waited For You

By Muayad Alayan

A short diary during the covid-19 lockdown and confinement days in Palestine of director and his journalist wife as they await the birth of their child.


Filmlab: Palestine; All right reserved 2020